Take care of admin tasks

The days of having a pretty website that does nothing except look good are over. Your website needs to earn its keep.

As a small business owner you may not be able to justify the high monthly cost of commercial software to manage your business functions. In addition, this software often does not suit your business tasks exactly and requires some kind of 'work around' or process change, which sucks.

The answer is to invest in a website that not only represents your business, but helps you run it too! .

A 'working' website takes care of admin tasks that would ordinarily have been performed by you and your staff. These might include managing clients, events, newsletters, bookings etc.

< strong >So, how can I build a website to run my small business?

This is where the BLAST team excel. We have all had many years of business experience across multiple industries so can easily familiarise ourselves with your business, and understand the day-to-day tasks that you need to perform. Then we will build processes that allow you to easily manage these tasks in the order that they occur. For example: You might have a business where you take enquiries for a service you offer. You may then convert these enquiries into bookings and along with that comes all the necessary tasks of confirmations, reminders, updates and billing. We can make these processes a breeze to perform and more importantly to keep track of. We can add reports that allow you to have an accurate overview of all items at any time. I.e How many enquiries you have and what stage each of your bookings are in. Advanced search capabilities will make your information easy to retreive. We can even add functionality that allows you to automatically perform bulk operations like sending reminders to all bookings that have not paid or emails to follow up on enquiries who have not turned into bookings.


You're not just investing in a website, you are investing in a new manager

Ask us how.